Tamarack Hollow in the Burlington Free Press

Check out Candace Page’s great story on the farm in the Free Press.

On a cool May afternoon, the scene at Tamarack Hollow Farm had all the gloss of an urban daydream: While cars whizzed by on the Burlington Beltline, farmers Mike Betit and Amanda Andrews herded four skittish Belted Galloway beef cows toward an enclosure to be checked for pregnancy by the waiting veterinarian.

The cows mooed. Seventy pigs squealed in a nearby paddock. One-hundred-and-fifty laying hens squawked and pecked behind their fence. Thunder and Lightning, the farm’s oxen, bellowed from time to time, the sound reverberating toward the homes of a New North End neighborhood just across the highway.

The mucky farm road led to fields ready for planting, their dark dirt as rich as chocolate.

The spring air smelled of damp dirt, manure and promise. …

[Click the top link to read the whole story. Thanks for the ink Candace!]

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