Year Round CSA Shares

Looking for a reliable supply of fresh, organic produce? Tamarack Hollow Farm offers two share sizes, three convenient pickup locations, and flexible payments to help keep your household safely fed during these difficult times. Shares come in regular and large sizes, are prepacked for safety, and are available for pickup in Plainfield (Plainfield Hardware), Montpelier (Woodbelly Pizza), or at Green Mountain Community Fitness in Berlin. Pickups run from 3-6 on Thursdays. In addition to produce, customers can add on pasture raised eggs, wood-fired sourdough bread, maple syrup, and pasture raised whole chickens.

We are currently selling shares for our 12 week Autumn CSA season which runs from Thursday September 3rd thru Thursday November 19th.

To sign up for Green Mountain Community Fitness in BERLIN pickup click here.

We are proud to partner with other Vermont farmers and bakers to offer the following add ons:

To add whole chickens raised on pasture to any pickup location click here. Your selected number of chickens will be available at two pickups over the course of 12 weeks, not every week.

To add wood fired sourdough bread to any pickup location click here.

Maple add on coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in a share? The pictures below are samples of actual shares from the summer of 2020.

Regular Share, Summer:

  • 1/2 lb salad mix
  • 3 zucchini
  • 2 cucumbers
  • bunch chard
  • bunch sweet onion
  • bunch lacinato kale
  • 2 lbs fingerling potatoes

Large Share, Summer:

  • 1 lb salad mix
  • pint raspberries
  • 4 zucchini
  • 2 cucumbers
  • bunch chard
  • bunch sweet onion
  • bunch basil
  • 2 mini eggplants
  • 2 bell peppers
  • 3 lbs fingerling potatoes

What is a CSA? A CSA (community supported agriculture) program is a way for communities to come together to share both the risks and rewards of farming. Community members pay the farmer in advance for a set number of weeks of produce. The farmer promises to deliver a certain share size for a certain number of weeks.

My schedule doesn’t work for (fill in the blank)– can I still join? If your current CSA runs through September or if you will be away for a month or have another scheduling conflict you can still join! We are happy to prorate your share- just get in touch

Is this a better deal than retail? Yes, we have two share sizes with a rough value assigned to each (regular is $25 and large is $45) but we do our best to go above and beyond that amount each week. At minimum, you will receive that amount of produce. We use those dollar amounts as our guidepost rather than promising a set number of items each week.

Why can’t I just buy a box week-to-week like you did this Spring and Summer? That model offered us great flexibility during the early days of the pandemic when we were all unsure what changes were in store or how long they would last. However, it is a very difficult way to run a business. Moving forward, we need a seasonal commitment so that we know what income we have for the season, how many shares we will need to produce each week, and what produce we have available for wholesale customers.

Can I pick out my own produce? Shares will be prepacked. You will receive an email each week before pickup updating you on what to expect in your share.

Is all of the produce certified organic? What about the eggs? All of the produce grown on our farm is certified organic. We may occasionally purchase produce from neighboring farms; if this produce is not organic you will be notified and given the option to substitute the non-organic produce for organic produce. Our laying hens are raised on pasture and fed certified organic grain, but they are not certified organic. The bread is baked with organic flours, but the bakery is not certified organic.

I want eggs occasionally, but not every week. When we have surplus eggs, they will be available for purchase at pickup for $6 dozen, first come first serve.

What if I miss the pickup? If you know in advance that you are going to miss pickup, just email the farm and we will keep your share here for Friday pickup. If you are running late and miss you pickup, please email us as soon as possible and we will arrange for pick from the farm cooler on Friday. Please do not show up on the farm without prior arrangement– we are a working farm with many daily responsibilities to keep the harvests coming! Shares that are not picked up (or have other arrangements made) by end of day Friday are considered surrendered for the week and will not be refunded. Also- you can always send a friend!

This page says Year Round CSA Shares but the sign up is just for Autumn? Yes. We are a year round farm and will be providing CSA shares in four sign up windows throughout the year: Spring (April- May, 8 weeks), Summer (June- August, 12 weeks), Autumn (September-November, 12 weeks), and Winter (bi-weekly December- March, 8 weeks). This page will be updated as the seasons change.

Can I get anything else with this share? Yes.

  • Maple syrup and goodies- Farnham Farm, Plainfield
  • Whole Chickens- Hillside Farm, West Glover
  • Wood fired Sourdough Bread- Rise Up Bakery, Barre

What about Thanksgiving? The Autumn share runs until the week before Thanksgiving because, well, who knows what Thanksgiving will look like this year?! Our plan is to take custom vegetable orders for Thanksgiving and to partner with Hillside Farm to bring you a pasture raised turkey or chicken for your Thanksgiving table. More information will be available in mid-November.

How do I contact the farm? The best way to reach us is via email: Thanks!