How We Grow

Tamarack Hollow Farm grows organic vegetables on rich upland soils in Plainfield, Vermont. We choose varieties that shine in Vermont’s cooler growing season, specializing in root crops and leafy greens. Amanda seeks out varieties noted for their shape, texture, color, and taste profiles. We irrigate our vegetables moderately to distill the richest flavors possible and harvest our vegetables by hand, selecting only the best and handling them with care. Our vegetables are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers using USDA guidelines.

We aim to grow not only delicious food, but safe food. Our vegetables have always been certified organic, and in 2016 we are implementing a farm-wide food safety plan, guided by Vermont’s groundbreaking Community Accreditation for Produce Safety (CAPS) program. This pioneering program, overseen by the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association (VVBGA) and managed by the University of Vermont extension’s Produce Safety Specialist, certifies that our farm follows best practices in produce production, harvest, and post-harvest handling. This means you get safer and higher quality produce that retains quality in your fridge, because it’s handled properly in ours.

Come see the results of all our hard work at the Union Square Greenmarket. In 2015 we marked our ten-year anniversary at Union Square, here’s to ten more.