How We Grow

Tamarack Hollow Farm grows organic vegetables on rich upland soils in Plainfield, Vermont. We choose varieties that shine in Vermont’s cooler growing season, specializing in root crops and leafy greens. Amanda seeks out varieties noted for their shape, texture, color, and taste profiles. We irrigate our vegetables moderately to distill the richest flavors possible and harvest our vegetables by hand, selecting only the best and handling them with care. We do not use preventative sprays such as fungicides and pesticides, and have only used organic sprays an handful of times over the years in order to prevent a complete loss of a major crop. We manage fertility with cover crops that build organic matter to feed soil bacteria and provide nitrogen, and through selective soil amendments to build a rich pallet of nutrients for growing plants.

All of our vegetables are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers using USDA guidelines. We are also certified by Vermont’s own Real Organic Project and are food safety certified by CAPS, a food safety program administered by the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association and the University of Vermont.

Find our produce in the following places:

  • our own CSA
  • Plainfield Co-op, Plainfield, VT
  • Hunger Mountain Co-op, Montpelier, VT
  • Bread and Butter CSA and Farm Store (Shelburne/ South Burlington, VT)
  • Muddy Boots CSA (Mad River Valley and Boston-area)
  • Farmers To You (Middlesex, VT and Boston-area)
  • At the finest restaurants in NYC, brought to you by Natoora and Myers Produce