How We Grow

Tamarack Hollow Farm grows organic vegetables on rich upland soils in Plainfield, Vermont. We choose varieties that shine in Vermont’s cooler growing season, specializing in root crops and leafy greens. Amanda seeks out varieties noted for their shape, texture, color, and taste profiles. We irrigate our vegetables moderately to distill the richest flavors possible and harvest our vegetables by hand, selecting only the best and handling them with care. We do not use preventative sprays such as fungicides and pesticides, and have only used organic sprays an handful of times over the years in order to prevent a complete loss of a major crop. We manage fertility with cover crops that build organic matter to feed soil bacteria and provide nitrogen, and through selective soil amendments to build a rich pallet of nutrients for growing plants.

All of our vegetables are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers using USDA guidelines. Our turkeys and eggs are not organic, but they are raised free ranging on pasture: this means they are outdoors with complete freedom of movement, not inside a barn or coop with “access to pasture.” We feed them grain and our vegetable scraps, and they produce a bright orange yolk that stands up off the plate!

Come see the results of all our hard work at the Union Square Greenmarket. In 2015 we marked our ten-year anniversary at Union Square, here’s to ten more.

Selling Locally

For years the local market has been saturated with high quality vegetables. Since we had access to such a strong market, we have historically avoided competing with other local farms for access to local markets. We are uniquely positioned to transfer some of NYC’s wealth to our community, via good wages and patronizing local businesses. With recent challenges, we feel called on to make more food easily accessible as neighbors clamor to find fresh produce and are faced with sold out CSAs and closed farmers’ markets. Please read more about our $25 Produce Box, a collaboration with local businesses to bring Plainfield and the surrounding community together around good food