Who We Are

2015 crew photo
Tamarack Crew, autumn 2015

Tamarack Hollow is a rag-tag group of activist, artists, tinkerers, and thinkers. We are constantly reinventing the wheel, building a better mouse trap, and generally seeking to occupy the space between rocks and hard places. As a whole, we enjoy making good food, building beautiful things, long walks in the woods, big and small dogs, audio adventures through our earbuds, family, and friendships. This ship is steered by Amanda Andrews and her first mate, Mike Betit, and crewed by farm veterans Cody Fosbrook, Sophie Gould, Kay Walsen, Andrea Brito-Nuñez, and Will Bennington.

No summary of the farm crew is complete without mention of Mike’s four kids: the hoolies. The next generation is currently under our tutelage, under foot, and taking notes on how they’ll do it when it’s their turn to run things.

  • Belle, Gus, and Boone, back in his puppy days


Need to reach us? tamarackhollowfarm@gmail.com