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Five years ago, the land we farm was another abandoned dairy. We’ve revived this land with a lot of elbow grease and the help of a few good pigs.

Our heritage breed herd clears the undergrowth and tears up tree roots, helping to clear the fields for our certified organic vegetables and grain crops. In the process, the pigs eat grasses, roots, and bugs, producing some super tasty pork. Like our pigs, our laying hens, pastured poultry, and beef cows all thrive on a pasture-based diet.

As a result of good farming, we enjoy a good diet. We hope our market customers and C.S.A. members will enjoy both as well. A farm like ours is bountiful with the growing season, but productive year round. We hope our C.S.A. will grow to a year round membership as well.

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Our certified organic vegetables are raised on rich, Winooski loam soil. We use no sprays: no herbicides, no pesticides, no fungicides of any kind. We perform our main field cultivation with oxen power, augmented with human power when necessary. Our vegetables are picked fresh for market and are full of flavor!