Want to reserve your turkey?

We are sold out of Thanksgiving Turkeys– both breeds. Please email to be added to a waiting list. We often have a few last minute cancellations.

We raise our turkeys outdoors in the clean mountain air of Plainfield, Vermont. Started from day old-chicks, our birds are raised on pasture, receive grain, and lots of our organic vegetable trimmings. AS OF NOVEMBER 7, WE ARE SOLD OUT OF HERITAGE /BOURBON RED TURKEYS. We raise heritage breed Bourbon Red turkeys, which finish between 9-14 lbs and are $10 per pound, and standard breed Bronze turkeys, which finish between 11 -21 lbs and are $5.50 per pound. To reserve a turkey you must make a $20 deposit; this will be taken off the final price you pay at pickup.

All birds will be fresh (not frozen) and available for pickup at Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesday, November 23 (the day before Thanksgiving). Birds can be frozen upon request. For example- if you want a bird for the holidays or New Years, now is the time to reserve it. All birds must be picked up by 3 pm on Wednesday, unless you make a prior arrangement with us.

For pickup, please know the name and email of the person who made the reservation via Paypal. We will not release the bird if you cannot confirm the name and email. A large selection of organic vegetables will be available for purchase as well.

Please make your reservation using paypal below. If this page is live, then we still have turkeys. You will receive an email confirming your order.